Thursday, December 11, 2014

Michel Redolfi - Immersion/Pacific Tubular Waves

Michel Redolfi - Immersion/Pacific Tubular Waves

One of my all time favourite pieces of digital music.

All the electronic sounds on this record were generated with the Synclavier, a digital synthesizer conceived by composer Jon Appleton and "New England Digital Incorporated" founders Sydney Alonso and Cameron Jones.

Michel Redolfi composed "Pacific Tubular Waves" in 1979 using only the Synclavier to generate each of its timbres and sounds. He then set out to re-record this piece underwater, using the results of these recordings as building blocks for "Immersion", a composition combining these "concrète" sounds with new material generated with the Synclavier.

PS: sorry for some of the skips and "pops", but this LP's getting pretty old now and I've played it many many times.