Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jean Schwarz - Suite N

Jean Schwarz - Suite N

Really gorgeous slice of early computer music/live electronic music by french composer Jean Schwarz.

"Gamma Plus" is an update of an earlier tape piece called "Gamma". This version features the TM+ trio, an electroacoustic instrumental trio (as seen below) founded in 1977 with the intention of giving concert performances of electroacoustic music. The members of the TM+ trio were Laurent Cuniot, Denis Dufour & Yann Geslin. "Gamma Plus" features the trio accompanying the tape piece and performing live on synthesizers.

"Suite N" is the second piece featured on this LP and the highlight for me. It was composed in 1981-82 and made entirely using the GRM's PDP 11 computer running the MUSIC V program - which was part of the MUSIC N family of computer music programs developed at Bell Labs.

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