Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jean Schwarz - Don Quichotte

Jean Schwarz - Don Quichotte

Another great Jean Schwarz LP, this time on his own Celia imprint, featuring material composed between 1975-76.

This is pretty different from the other LP I posted a while back, which was mostly focused on electronic material. This is a more kaleidoscopic affair, exploring everything from field recordings, processed voice, electronic timbres and acoustic instruments, to musical passages that cover anything from contemporary classical music to jazz, free and less so, to weird psychedelic library segments, featuring highly processed instruments all throughout. It has a dreamlike quality that sometimes reminds me of Battiato's fantastic M.elle Le "Gladiator" and "Cafè - Table - Musik" from his eponymous 1977 LP.

A really gorgeous and personal LP!

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